Gems Are Necessary To Move Up The Animal Jam Ladder

There are different currencies like gems, tickets, earth crystals and diamonds that are available in the game of animal jam. These currencies are used to make purchases furniture as well as clothing stores and other stores found in the Jamaa Township. To check the gems status, I had to tap on the gems icon and find it out. The gems come in a variety of color like purple, green, orange. In the advertisements, the gems are shown to have a wavy pattern over them and come in colors like red and yellow.

I could earn gems by participating in mini games as well as adventures. You can also earn gems by participating in mini games as i did, in fact this animal jam hack is the best option for get free gems. Recycling items and daily spin can also provide you with a reasonable share of gems. Diamond is another form of currency and can be traded in for gems. Extra gems in the game can be acquired by buying gift certificates. On one such occasion, I did buy a gift certificate for gems and was immediately rewarded with a bulk of gems.  Becoming a member does provide with gems, but that depends on the type of membership package that is being opted. Some gifts cards not only help with returning coins but also come with coins as a bonus.

Gems that are accumulated are spent mostly on buying something in the game. Most items of furniture and clothing in the game cost from a hundred to eight hundred gems.  I would also use to gems to buy non-items. Animals and pets are non-items in the game. It takes about four hundred gems to create a pet. The purchase of a den also cost a hefty amount of two thousand to seven thousand. Gems have many other uses. It can be used to buy tickets. Gems can also be donated to the conservation museum to save the life of an animal.

I required gems to play mini-games. Games like The Claw and Phantom invasion requires gems to be played due to the rewards they provide on completing the challenges. I received a total of two thousand five hundred when I first started off playing Animal Jam. It is imperative to use this bulk amount of gems wisely to have a systematic and comfortable gameplay. I followed the tutorial thoroughly to ensure the safe keeping of my gems. The items that ar4e purchased using gems are recyclable. They can be recycled for the three-tenth of their original cost price.

In comparison to regular items, items from the diamond shop and rare items give more gems on being recycled. The currency in the Jamaa economy is currently evolving, much like real life. Many another spin-off application of animal jam to uses gems as their primary currency. Gems are required to progress the game. Any upgrade requires gems and diamonds. Since diamonds are comparatively harder to earn, I was mostly reliant of gems to get my work done. I was happy to see the opportunities provided by the developers to the players through their unique gameplay. The game provides ample opportunities to players to earn gems and proceed with their significant upgrade.

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